Personal Training

Personal Training Program

On-Line Personal Training Program
We offer you a customized program based on your fitness goals and personal fitness factors.  A fitness plan is designed to fit your lifestyle. Each week you record and submit your progress including
days, time, reps, weights, etc., along with your photos, and questions.  We update your plan with subtle or more dramatic changes as necessary. During each week, you can use all forms of media to communicate including phone calls, emails, text.  All programs will include instructional videos that demonstrate proper form, alignment, and technique.

Note:  We will come to you if you are local and within a certain mile radius.  For the sake of convenience and to make our programs cost effective, we offer our on-line training program.

On-Line Personal Training Investment

First Month

  • Initial Program Design
  • Weekly adjustments
  • Support Videos


Additional Months

  • Basic Adjustments and Modifications
  • Weekly support


One-Time Custom Design

Investing in both Nutrition and Personal Training Program

First month –  $600.00

with Joyful Jumpstart – $650.00

Additional months –  $375.00

With Joyful Jumpstart $425.00

Compare this to in-person personal training at $100 for initial assessment and recommendations and $60.00 per session 3 times per week.  That is $720.00 per month without any Nutrition Plan.


Note:  Monthly payments are due in advance of services.