New Way of Thinking

There is a saying that if you believe you cannot do it, you are right.

In order to bring about real change, you must change your way of thinking. The problem is there are certain things we have been thinking so long, we accept the thinking as just the way we are. Labels and thoughts like “I’m short tempered”, “Oh, I’m not good at remembering names”,
“I can’t live without sweets”, “all of my family has diabetes”, “I always select the wrong person”, “Why do things always happen to me?”, are all limited ways of thinking.

Becoming aware of these limiting believes is a great first step. Since they are most likely automatic programs hardwired in your brain, changing those beliefs takes a lot of practice. Some of my limiting beliefs have been worrying, by focusing on what I don’t want instead of what I want.  I also developed habits of insecurity and intimidation.  I felt competitive and jealous, like I was always too late to the party. I believe because of these short-comings, I would participate in gossip, intently listening and sometimes sharing what I heard to feel important.  It was easily to judge and see what others needed to do to be better, but I made excuses for my situation and state of mind.

The interesting thing is, I was brought up in church around biblical teaching like, “The Lord is my Sheppard.  I lack nothing.”, and “Love is patient and kind.  It does not envy or boast.”  And “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”  Yet who I claimed to be, and who I was being did not match!

Another interesting thing that I have learned is every experience is all part of journey. Continuing to study and have a desire to be my best self, (not to mention the many others praying for me), I have continued to evolve.   Having the model of perfection and understanding that I could never be perfect as a mere mortal, I now understand that I am perfectly imperfect!  I strive to be my best self everyday.

It is so much fun discovering more and more enlightenment! Practicing humility, I am humbled and grateful.  I am excited everyday!  It all started with “learning a new way to think which is helping me master a new way to be!”


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