Maintaining the Family’s Body

(Originally published in World of Westchase, Jan ’14)

jumpingMaintenance, restoration, and renovation can keep the family body healthy and whole – just like they help a home.

What are some of the things that can be done to restore and revitalize your body and those of the entire family?

Most importantly, focus on speaking affirming words. Refrain from criticizing and replace criticism with encouraging dialogue. Compliment the behaviors you would like to see more of and refrain from commenting on the behaviors you have expressed repeatedly that you do not like. This includes your own self talk, which can often be extremely critical.

Encouragement will help build strong, healthy bonds that can survive inclement weather.

When considering healthier food choices and activities, think of creative ways to make selecting healthier choices fun. Living a healthy lifestyle does not mean you are condemning yourself to a life of gloom and doom. Begin making small, meaningful changes that can become part of your lifestyle as opposed to temporary quick fixes from which you expect results overnight. It may take a little extra patience, but it the end, it is well worth the investment.

Here are a few suggestions to get your creative juices flowing:

Try fasting or doing without a food item or other behavior for a period of time. For example, as a family, if you are accustomed to eating fast food, agree to not eat fast food for a week or two. Or go without sweets or chips, or sugary drinks for a period of time.

Establish periods of times when everyone puts electronics  and television remotes away and goes out to play. Even if it is for a few hours, this time can be powerful family restoration time and will keep the foundation of the family sturdy for years to come.

Design a fitness course that each family member completes. Have three events, perhaps a half mile run or walk, 20 jumping-jacks and 20 pushups. Give each member three tries. Record the time it takes to complete the course each time using a stop watch. The objective is for each person to improve their personal best.

With some maintenance, restoration and renovation, you can have your family feeling like new too.


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