Don’t Believe Everything You Think

Becoming more aware of your thoughts is a path to creating change.  Often we accept are personal reality as our personality.  In other words, we have been feeling, thinking, and behaving the same way for so long, it has become automatic.  Feelings of anger and resentment, for example, can result in actions that we consider to be “just me.”  


Every thought creates a chemical reaction in your body.  If you have a thought of how pissed off you are at someone or some situation, you release a chemical in your body that makes you FEEL pissed off.  When you FEEL pissed off, you have more thoughts of being angry.  If you have more thoughts of anger, you release more chemicals that make you feel angry!  Now here you are in a loop of thinking and feeling angry.  Now if that goes on for days you are in a bad mood.  If it goes on for weeks or months, your in a funk, or you have been in a state of anger lately.  If it goes on for years, you are known to be short tempered.  You have a “hot head”.  You have “anger issues.”  Not only that, often you endorse and accept it as who you are!!

The tricky part is changing that behavior.  If your body is on auto-pilot, and you are releasing chemicals that make you feel like “you”; not feeling that way is going to feel weird.  Your body, being used to the drug of choice, i.e anger, unworthiness, judgement, resentment, jealousy, lack, impatience, sugar, salt, nicotine, soap operas, reality shows, lottery, pornography, lust, weed, alcohol, shopping, gossip….. ok you get the point!

Where was I?  Oh, yeah, the body, being used to the drug of choice, has become ruler.  If you have decided to not eat cake, (don’t get hung up on the example, substitute cake for anything that you cannot say no to.  Anything that you cannot “take it or leave it” without a struggle is a habit. …So you decide to not eat cake.  You go to a party and a big cake is put in front of you.  You will automatically start to think, “That cake looks sooo good.  You know you want some cake.  Everybody else is eating it.  You can have some cake.  OMG, you would DIE for a piece of cake right now!  Just a little slice.”  Right?

If you are not aware that you are thinking these thoughts, you cannot begin to control them.  All you know is that your mouth is watering, you are feeling anxious, and it you would be so happy if you could just have cake.


The good news is the same is true of higher elevation thoughts of love, gratitude, abundance, compassion, non-judgement, joy, and peace.  These thoughts release chemicals too, which will cause you to feel more of these thoughts too!  Get excited!!

So the next time you start to FEEL a certain way, STOP and ask yourself what you are THINKING.  If it is not the way you would like to think, do not allow the thought to remain.  Say, “Change” and think a different thought.  You may have to do it 100 times a day at first.  With repetition, you will begin to change your thinking and thereby change your personal reality and personality!






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