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Create A Healthy Plate

Click Here to Download Your pdf: Create a Healthy Plate Let’s simplify eating healthy.  Let’s make eating healthy fun!  Let’s consider eating healthy is about life, not a life-sentence! My top 8 recommendations to create a healthy plate are: Include protein, fiber, healthy carbohydrates, and healthy fats in each meal.    Color your plate. The […]


Water Wonders

Approximately 60% of our body is water: Benefits include: More energy Less headaches Decreased appetite Less constipation Less cramping Improved skin and hair Oxygenates blood (Does not apply for those on dialysis or other medical restrictions. Seek advice from your health provider prior to making changes to your diet)


The War Against Free Radicals

Oxygen’s effect on life is a dichotomy. While oxygen is a necessity of life, it is also detrimental to life.  Cells of the body use oxygen to produce energy. The production of energy also creates a byproduct called free radicals. Free radicals are single or multiple atoms that have at least one unpaired charged electron. […]