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Don’t Believe Everything You Think

Becoming more aware of your thoughts is a path to creating change.  Often we accept are personal reality as our personality.  In other words, we have been feeling, thinking, and behaving the same way for so long, it has become automatic.  Feelings of anger and resentment, for example, can result in actions that we consider […]


Meek Not Weak 1

Growing up with the duality of being a loving Christian who turned the other cheek (Dr. Martin L. King, Jr.) and being a warrior who is ready to fight ANYONE who disrespects me or mine (early Malcolm X), I struggled internally with how to be both in one body. When my mother smiled and did […]


Rampage of Appreciation #445

Rampage of Appreciation #445 I am grateful for life. I am grateful for MY best birthday gift ever. It was 22 years ago! Happy Birthday Blessings Justice! Happy Birthday Blessings Me! I am grateful for the young woman Justice has become. I am grateful for her spirit, faith, intellect, discipline, competitiveness, altruism, and beauty. I […]