Apply the 80 – 20 Rule for Holiday Indulging 1

The 80 – 20 Rule can be a powerful tool during the holiday eating.  To maintain weight; even possibly release weight over the holidays consider what you do consistently over time makes the difference, not what you do once or twice.  What you do 80% of the time will be what shows up.

Remember to eat something early in the day on the big holidays.  The belief that saving your calories for dinner is a good strategy usually backfires.  Break your fast from the night before by eating a light breakfast.  Get it, break-fast.

Diabetes is a silent killer.  It will sneak up on you!  If you already have diabetes, eating whatever you want then taking more insulin is not a good way of managing the problem!  Constantly spiking your blood sugar puts you at greater risk for diabetes.
Yes, it is important to enjoy the holidays!  Part of that enjoyment is festive foods.  Love yourself enough to have your Armor and Arsenal with you at all times.  Here is some of my top artillery:

1.  Understand you are in control.  You can have whatever you want to eat at anytime
you want to eat it.  Your choice; your consequences.

2.  Practice the 80 – 20 rule; eating nutritionally dense foods 80% of the time and 20%
is your wiggle  from.  For a more aggressive plan try 90% – 10%.

3.  Avoid guilt when eating treats that have little or no nutritious value.  Guilt and
stress release cortisol; a stress hormone that causes the body to hold onto fat.

4.  Eat your small healthy meals and snacks throughout the day to minimize room for
junk eating.

5.  Prepare a few large meals in advance and store to eat throughout the week.
During the holidays keep that in mind when preparing foods.

6.  Get rid of leftovers that are not as healthy or at least freeze them in smaller
portions for another time.

7.  Use zip-lock bags to measure portions of healthy snacks.

8.  Have power snacks like boiled eggs, and portions of nuts prepared in advance.

9.  Drink plenty of and travel with water.

10.  Eat something light before leaving home so you are not starving when you go out.

11.  When invited out for dinner, bring a dish that you know you can eat.

12.  Carry a cooler in the car if you are on the road.

13. Consider a good quality supplement to fill the gaps with what you are not getting
with food.  I recommend the brand I use; whatever you choose, quality matters.

14. When you are eating your nutritious foods, think on the how you are honoring and
loving your body by putting quality fuel in your tank.


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One thought on “Apply the 80 – 20 Rule for Holiday Indulging

  • Rosie

    This is great, Shannon. I love all your tips because they are so practical. I appreciate your insightful-ness. I will gladly share because I think others can use this info too. Keep up the great work!